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IDI has been in business 16 years and has an excellent track record for scanning major high profile and high volume publication projects at a reasonable cost.

  • Marty Tannenbaum Innovative Document Imaging’s President has 30 years of experience in records management. Marty has put together scanning teams headed by experienced supervisors to manage projects both on and off site. IDI’s supervisors have decades of experience in working with libraries museums and historical societies to successfully and efficiently complete these custom projects.
  • IDI has worked out an efficient process for managing offsite content image capture projects at libraries, pharmaceutical companies and museums. IDI continues to scan on locations throughout the world including millions of images captured at the British Library and the University of London.
  • IDI has written custom software including workflow for cropping, inspection, sizing, and managing and tracking large volumes of images created from microfilm or hard copy publications. IDI has partners throughout the world that can manage our back end processing work. IDI latest software development tools allow for low resolution images to be sent via FTP in large volumes overnight. Large teams can work on our images at night in India and e-mail back the next day a file that is applied to our high resolution files for auto cropping. The high resolution files never leave our facility in N.J.
  • IDI is committed to library and museums and we have successfully scanned and delivered for over 100 libraries in the metropolitan area. IDI also has developed a digital portal Digi-Find-it for displaying and retrieving library content.
  • IDI is a Kirtas (robotic book scanner) reseller and also utilizes 8 Kirtas scanners, allowing for large volumes of bound materials to be captured without damaging bindings.
  • IDI has trained technicians to maintain the Kirtas units to minimize down time.
  • IDI is an authorized reseller for Konica Minolta and also owns and services 24 PS7000c  and Scan Diva scanners.
  • IDI utilizes 2 NextScan Flex Scan microfilm/fiche scanners that are the top of the line for microform capture. These units utilize a ribbon technology that permit IDI to scan 400dpi grayscale at full equipment speeds and produce the best quality image possible.
  • IDI has Contex large format scanners for capturing maps in color gray or black and white.
  • All IDI employees are required to have background checks.
  • IDI is trusted with the scanning for eight of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and publishing companies.
  • IDI owns a microfilm facility in Ct. to produce microfilm or fiche from digital images when required.
  • IDI’s facility is a secure facility (passed an FDA audit) with a security camera system and pass code locks.
  • IDI has its own truck and driver for pick-ups and deliveries.