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November 2017
Innovative News

IDI in November would like to give thanks to our customers, employees and partners. IDI is fortunate and honored to partner with organizations that give back to the community, support education and work for women’s rights. Making collections accessible to the world in a digital format is our mission while we also enjoy doing our part to make the world a better place. In the first quarter our website will be updated with detailed information.

In January IDI will be making a major enhancement to our popular and affordable Web Portal Digi-Find-It. The portal currently works with all the major browsers but works most effectively with Internet Explorer. The new upgrade will allow Digi-Find-It to be fully functional with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Searches will be faster and there will be a number of new features. Upgrades will begin in January and there will be no disruption in service.

In November we have set up on location to digitize a very high profile historical collection for a pharmaceutical company. We are also heading back to Massachusetts to an American History Museum for a 6 month project.

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Here is the remaining Fall 2017 DMM Fundraising schedule:

Upcoming Sessions:
Lee Memorial Library
From: 11am – 2pm
Location: Lee Memorial Library
500 W. Crescent Ave, Allendale, 07401, New Jersey
Little Falls Public Library
From: 11am – 1pm
Location: Little Falls Public Library
8 Warren Street, Little Falls, 07424, New Jersey

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Martin Tannenbaum
Innovative Document Imaging