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October 2019  
Innovative News
October has arrived and it is hard to believe we are starting the last quarter of 2019 and next year will begin IDI’s 20th year in business. We continue to enjoy servicing our customers and we look forward to doing the same for the next 20 years.
IDI is setting up in Texas in mid October to scan newspapers for a large University and we have purchased additional overhead scanners to scan our in house projects which include over 200,000 newspaper pages.
On Sept. 28th IDI had a very active and productive day while exhibiting at the Plainfield Library Tri-County History Fair. Congratulations to the Genealogy Society of New Jersey who won a $250 gift certificate for IDI’s Digital Memory Services.
IDI is currently scanning binders for 2 large Pharmaceutical Companies one on location and the other at the IDI NJ facility. The binders include, general document scanning bound items and large drawings.
We recently completed digitizing 78 rolls of microfilm for the Estonian Archives in the U.S. containing close to 200,000 historical documents and important records for historical research.
IDI’s eBeam Imaging division continues to grow and innovate. eBeam Imaging is a full service Eastman Park Certified Film Laboratory that specializes in Document Archive Writing, and traditional silver duplication of 16mm, 35mm, and 105mm microfilm. The eBeam Imaging division is a powerful addition to IDI’s already comprehensive list of conversion services. This unique combination of advanced imaging services and eBeam Imaging’s Document Archive Writing capabilities offers comprehensive “cradle to grave” document management solutions that are second to none.
eBeam Imaging is recognized as the world leader in digital to film quality featuring true grayscale technology, and unparalleled resolution across 16mm, 35mm, 105mm microfilm formats, as well as, 5.5′ and 9″ for satellite recordings.
The eBeam Imaging Recording Center has helped set the industry standard for Preservation Output Microfilm. eBeam Imaging’s electron beam film recording technology produces the finest microfilm in the world. In addition to the best quality image available on the market, eBeam Imaging has worked diligently to develop the e-beam film process to provide cradle to grave tracking of eBeam film production. The e-beam film process in conjunction with e-beam film quality provides our Customers with sophisticated records management solutions.

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Marty Tannenbaum
Innovative Document Imaging