September 2018  
Innovative News
September is here footballs are in the air and IDI is off to sunny California once again for a 3 month imaging project for a University library. We are also starting 2 New York City archive book and newspaper projects and a book scanning project which includes content from a New Jersey State University.
Two learning centers have been dedicated in Myron Tannenbaum’s name in India. Myron Tannenbaum was a founding member of Innovative Document Imaging who was awarded 10 Health Care Patents for medical research. The Schools are both situated in the western part of India in the State of Gujarat. One of the learning centers is in the tribal village of Muvaliya and the other tribal village is situated in Jhalod. The learning centers help educate children of migrant laborers and very poor tribal families.
IDI has set up 2 new Digi-Find-it web portals one for the NYU City Record papers and one for the Secaucus Public Library Home News newspapers and photos.
Be sure to call early for reservations for the IDI October 17th Seminar at our East Brunswick NJ Headquarters. The session will feature a tour of our facility Lunch and drawings as well as a special guest speaker from the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts. Visit them here:
Conservation is the preservation, repair, and prevention of deterioration of archaeological, historical, and cultural artifacts and is vital for libraries and archives alike. We look forward to seeing you at IDI October 17th.
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We want to thank all the libraries that have partnered with IDI on the Digital Memory Fund raising programs the last 6 years. We have enjoyed doing the sessions and I hope the funds raised were beneficial. In 2018 we will be scheduling only a few designated library sessions as I believe a 1 year program hiatus will result in an increase in fund revenues in 2019.
Thank you for your business.
Warm Regards,
Innovative Document Imaging