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January 2017
Innovative News

Happy New Year!

2016 is now history and since we are an organization that preserves history, the past years events and memories have been fully archived and we are geared up for an exciting start to 2017.

IDI now offers full METS/ALTO services for publications. (see here) We have obtained a platform for hosting newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. which provides searching by keywords, by article, by titles or any combination. We will also be adding the METS/ALTO functionality to our popular Digi-Find-It web portal.

We are in the final test stage for integrating face recognition software for Digi-Find-It websites that contain many human photographs. With this technology we are able to automatically index all the photos of individuals in the database once we identify these people in any one photo. After indexing is complete, all photos for a person on the Digi-Find-it site can be quickly and easily searched and retrieved.

2017 will kick off with a Union County Township conversion of financial records. We also will soon be working on an alumni conversion for a prestigious New Jersey University. We just completed an on-site project at the University of Illinois for a publication company. Later this month will be starting another 2 month project at a Chicago Library as well as continuing on a collection for the Garfinkel Archive in Massachusetts.

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IDI’s Digital Memory Media Division offers a perfect way to preserve personal memories forever by digitizing, videos, slides, photos, 8mm and 16mm film. A gift certificate from DMM is a perfect gift to give to family and friends. Please contact us if you are interested.

This month we will be kicking off the 2017 Digital Memory Media Fund Raising Sessions with the Millburn Historical Society on January 14th from 2-4PM

Sponsoring organizations receive twenty percent of all proceeds as a donation from Digital Memory Media.

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Martin Tannenbaum
Innovative Document Imaging