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December 2016
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December is a time to remember how important family and friends are and a time to reflect back on the good times and challenging times that make us who we are. IDI wishes all our customers vendors and friends a happy healthy and memorable holiday season.

A historic organization in Pennsylvania has contracted IDI to convert their history from thousands of rolls of 35mm and 16mm microfilm as well as thousands of photos and negatives. These will also be made available on our popular Digi-fInd-It web hosting platform.

IDI has just purchased its fourth Book2Net Ultra 7 scanner which utilizes a 71 Megapixel camera and will be used in Los Angeles for a major Museum conversion. We also will be completing a B’nai B’rith bound newspaper collection conversion with a Book 2 Net scanner for a collaborated NYU and NYPL project.

In November IDI completed a high profile almost 70,000 photo album collection that will also utilize the Digi-Find-it platform for searching and matching photos to people places and events.

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IDI’s Digital Memory Media Division offers a perfect way to preserve personal memories forever by digitizing, videos, slides, photos, 8mm and 16mm film. A gift certificate from DMM is a perfect gift to give to family and friends. Please contact us if you are interested.

Sponsoring organizations receive twenty percent of all proceeds as a donation from Digital Memory Media.

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