Ability to Deliver Highly Compressed, Easily Accessible Digital PDFs of Publications Gives IDI Upper Hand in Competitive Bids
Innovative Document Imaging LLC (IDI), a document conversion service bureau in East Brunswick, N.J., specializes in scanning of publications for libraries, pharmaceutical companies, publishing firms and universities.

With a stellar reputation for providing services to these markets, IDI was invited to compete against two other vendors for a project requiring the digitization of yearbooks going back over 100 years for a large university in the Northeastern United States. The university was seeking a service bureau that could put the books on microfilm, as well as create full-color PDF files for access over the Internet.

During the competitive bid process, IDI scanned and compressed a single yearbook, to show university officials a sample of their work. “They were impressed that we could deliver PDF files that were 35 times smaller than our competitor’s PDF output without sacrificing quality,” said Marty Tannenbaum, IDI’s President. As a result, they won the contract to manage the yearbook digitization process.

What was the secret weapon that gave IDI such a competitive advantage? Tannenbaum said it was LuraTech’s LuraDocument® PDF Compressor, which optimizes PDF file size and supports optical character recognition (OCR) searchability.

Benefits of LuraDocument PDF Compressor ƒ

  • Reduced File Size ƒ
  • Reduced Storage
  • Requirements ƒ
  • Speeds Access to Digital Documents ƒ
  • Competitive Advantage for New Business Bids ƒ
  • Improved Revenue and Margin


Tannenbaum discovered PDF Compressor with the help of his vendor Lisa Stasevich, President of Master Enterprises, Inc., an integrator and reseller of document management solutions. Quickly he realized that this document conversion and compression solution could have significant positive impact on his business. The reason: PDF Compressor enables conversion of color, grayscale or black-and-white scanned documents into high-quality, highly compressed PDF or PDF/A files using mixed raster content (MRC) layered compression technology. LuraTech’s comprehensive solution also includes an ABBYY OCR engine for full-text search capabilities and supports automated batch conversion.

Because IDI scanned numerous publications in grayscale, Tannenbaum was often struggling with the size of files that were digitized at 300 dpi. For clients that were putting books, newspapers, or magazines online, these files were often so large that they took more than 1 minute to upload, even on a high-speed connection.

Upon Stasevich’s recommendation, IDI implemented LuraTech’s PDF Compressor with astounding results. “Grayscale files would be so small that users could upload them much more quickly and we could easily put them on a CD,” Tannenbaum noted. “Additionally, we had other clients for which highly compressed color files were very attractive.”

One of those clients was a publisher of automotive magazines, which needed 80 years worth of archived print publications – almost 4,000 issues – digitized in color. “One of their major requirements was that the full-color electronic copies could be downloaded quickly by readers searching the online archives,” Tannenbaum noted.

With PDF Compressor, each individual issue of the automotive magazine was reduced in size from a 116 MB file to one of only 3 MB.

“LuraTech’s PDF Compressor offers us a number of advantages, whether scanning in grayscale or color. Because the files are smaller, our clients can offer better services to the public by enabling quicker uploads of the publication files,” said Tannenbaum. “And from our perspective, PDF Compressor enables us to deliver an additional valuable service that gives us an advantage in winning new business and generates revenue.”