IDI is a full-service e-publishing company.

Today with the introduction of new handheld devices which are light-weight and cost-effective like tablets and e-book readers, the e-publishing industry has gained a lot of momentum. Instead of carrying heavy books while on the move, people are using readers, tablets, and even cell phones. In turn, new modes, such as e-teaching, e-magazines, e-journals, and e-newspapers have come into existence.

IDI is a recognized innovator in cost-effective digital conversion and XML-enabled publishing strategies. We can help you develop operational strategies that best realize your organization’s market objectives.

These services are supported by the expert technology and operations team which offer viable solutions to fit your needs. These solutions are not “one size fits all” type, but are customized according to the needs of each customer.


We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients by offering high quality, end-to-end, publishing solutions and services.

We achieve this objective by getting to know the client and understanding the client’s business needs. We spend time learning each of our client’s business environment to provide customized, technology-driven solutions. We use our industry experience, expertise, industry relationships and technology to the benefit of our client’s goals.

Our Methodology

We take complex knowledge work, disaggregate it into manageable segments and then send each segment to the location where it can be performed most effectively, efficiently and at the lowest cost. The globalized nature of our production infrastructure and workforce enables us to use a world-wide approach, with different parts of a project performed simultaneously in different locations, with maximum coordination.

With a clear focus on our clients’ emerging priorities, we continually align our internal processes, tool sets and talents — such as creating a dedicated e-book Services unit for our client.

Project Management

We bring our industry knowledge and best practices to each project while building on our work experience with a range of prestigious institutions and publishers.

Our project management services include:

  • Planning, designing, cast-off, coordinating, and managing the entire project, starting from receipt of materials from the client to final delivery of the product
  • Coordinating with authors, editors, publishers and production staff
  • Handling queries and securing timely solutions
  • Tracking of manuscripts
  • Copyediting, copyright, artwork, typesetting, proofreading, collation, indexing and delivery of final proof through the entire phase of production to meet the client’s requirements within the committed time frame

Our Services

XML Services

IDI provides a full spectrum of XML services to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirement for content repository and multi-device capabilities. IDI has the capability to manage XML-based workflows.

Some of the salient features of XML services offered by IDI are:

  • Customized XML, MS-Word, or TeX/LaTeX-based editing tools
  • Customized style sheet according to customer’s DTD
  • Specialized quality control tools
  • Delivery of XML at page proofs, revisions, issues, or at any other stage
  • Generation of XML files based on publisher’s DTD
  • Conversion from one DTD to another
  • Typesetting from XML files including auto-pagination in 3B2
  • Providing solutions in other formats such as HTML and ASCII

Composition Services

IDI provides composition services for both print and electronic media. We utilize a number of industry-accepted typesetting platforms.

IDI has knowledge and expertise in managing all the different types of workflows. It does full-service composition in an XML environment for convenient print and online delivery. Some of the composition services are:

  • Typesetting from manuscript
  • Data capture and conversion
  • Editorial services comprising of technical editing, copy editing, and substantive editing
  • Design and graphics services, including scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabeling of artwork
  • MathType and ChemDraw file handling
  • Electronic content delivery
  • With vast experience, knowledge and expertise, our team can help you get around any typesetting project.

eBook & Newspaper Conversion Services

IDI has specialized services for creation and delivery of education, journals, newspapers and trade eBooks. IDI is familiar with all of the leading formats, namely .epub, .mobi, .prf, .lit, and so on. At IDI we position our-self as a one-stop solution provider for all book and newspaper conversion:

Some of the eBook services at IDI are:

  • Scanning – can provide services for scanning and digitization of print books for conversion into eBooks.
  • Conversion – can convert your raw content into any standardized or proprietary eBook format as required. We handle around 8 European languages, whose language nuances are addressed by appropriate work engines
  • Testing – provides services for testing the integrity of the eBooks.
  • Format Conversion – provides eBook format conversion services for clients who need to convert their books from one format to another.
  • Delivery – eBook Store and eBook Library platforms for delivery of eBooks to end consumers.
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