Our library fundraising program helps patrons preserve the irreplaceable.

Through its Digital Memory Media division, IDI offers a Fundraising Program that provides libraries and other organizations with an innovative and effective means to raise money, while also helping individuals preserve their personal memories. DMM converts their collections of old photographs, 8mm and 16mm films, slides and video tapes into a digital format that will last forever.

This is a unique service that also helps local communities keep their histories alive! We provide everything your organization needs to host a DMM event, including press releases and event advertising tools. On the day of the event, our trained staff members are on hand to answer questions and accept new orders. Orders can be tracked online through our order tracking system. Original items are returned by courier directly to the patron along with DVD copies of their treasured memories.  Best of all, Digital Memory Media donates 20% of all the proceeds to the sponsoring organization.

Advantages of Digital Memory Media Personal Imaging

  • Preserves your documents, photos, and audio/video collections
  • Same high quality, professional digitization used by America’s top museums and archives
  • Protects your vital records and saves you space
  • Easy drop off and return
  • Supports your local library

To partner with Innovative Document Imaging, a leader in the preservation of library historical collections and archives, please contact us.